Many dedicated members of the Hakone Community contribute by being involved in one of our committees. Their volunteer efforts have boosted the number and quality of art, cultural, educational and garden programs we are able to offer.

Garden Advisory Committee

Chair: Lon Saavedra:

  • Dr. Takao Donuma
  • Virginia Harmon

  • Ron Herman
  • Elaine Salter
  • Jim Sugai

  • Toru Tanaka
  • John Tauchi

  • Nobuyuki Yoshimura

Cultural Committee


  • Kimiko Arimoto

  • Yasuko Ashford

  • Kay Duffy

  • Beverly Harada

  • Elaine Salter

  • Miki Shimabe

  • Alice Skurko

  • Kathy Toy

Marketing Committee

  • Ann Waltonsmith

  • Marty Matsui

  • Kathy Toy

  • Elaine Salter

  • Beverly Harada