Photo Shoots

Photography for personal use is encouraged.  Quick snap shoots of your object using "point and shoot" camera does not require a permit fee. 

However, commercial, political, or portrait photography* (such as wedding, engagement, graduation, family portrait and other special occasion), or videography requires a permit fee. Please fill out the photo permit application below to request your permit and schedule your photo shoot. We will contact you to confirm availability for your requested date and time. If your organization plans on a film production or media shoot, we have a separate guideline and fee schedule.  Please email the Event Office with any questions (

*Definition of portrait photography:

Photography with an individual or individuals posing for multiple pictures under the direction of a photographer, either professional or amateur acting as a professional, using advanced equipment.  A permit fee is required.

If your purpose in coming to Hakone is to take photos of someone, be photographed, use Hakone's gardens as a backdrop for portraits, or if you are a professional photographer profiting from the photos you are taking, a permit fee must be paid.

For a photo shoot or videography permit, please download the form below and submit.

Fax: 408-741-4993


Photo Shoot Application Form



  • Photographers, both still and video, must make appointments in advance with the Event office for photo sessions, and the fee must be received before the session. A permission is required for commercial, political,  formal event, and special portrait photography that accompany either a professional or an amateur acting as a professional, using advanced equipment. See definition above for the portrait photography.
  • Hakone Foundation reserves the right to determine portrait photography on a case by case basis.
  • Fee covers up to 3 people including a photographer.  From 4th person, an additional fee of $10 per person per hour will be charged. 
  • A Permit Badge will be provided from the Gift Store.  Please wear it visibly during the entire photo shoot.
  • If paying by check, please use two different checks for the permit fee and the deposit, so that we can simply return your deposit check after the shoot.
  • Trails and paths are not to be blocked by any equipment. Photographers and subjects are to remain on the
    Garden paths, open areas, on steps, bridges, and other walking areas.
  • All photographers and/or applicant must check in and out with the Gift Store staff. The deposit will be returned
    after the photo shoot as long as the time paid for was not exceeded or no damage incurred.
  • All vehicles are restricted to no more than 30 feet in length due to the driveway leading into Hakone.
  • No cancellation allowed within one week.  One postponement accepted upon availability.
  • All fees collected are directed to maintaining the environment used in your photographs.  Thank you.
  • For holding a photography class, please inquire at the Event Office at 408-741-4994, Ext. 103 or write to


  • Please note that this is a contract and your observance of scheduled time is very important since other events may happen in the Garden any time. If you arrive earlier or later than your allotted time by 15 minutes, your deposit may be forfeited in proportion. The gift store has no way of rescheduling your time the day of your Photo Shoot. If you need to reschedule, please contact the event office as soon as possible. If for any reason the Applicant fails to check-in or check-out, the deposit is automatically fully forfeited. There will be absolutely no exceptions to this.